iQ-F Integrated Modular Controller

Replacing the MELSEC-F series, the MELSEC iQ-F is ideal for small scale standalone applications as well as networked systems.

The iQ platform is a solution that integrates with and cooperates with controllers, HMI, engineering environments, and networks at the production site.  Being micro PLCs, the iQ-F series has been deigned with a focus on function and cost performance. This has been achieved through the integration of the following features:

  • - Built-in fucntions
  • - Analog control
  • - Position control
  • - Supports AnyWireASLINK, CC-Link IE Feild Network, and CC-LInk V2
  • - An intuitive programming environment 

The iQ-F series features a built-in SD card slot, Ethernet port, and an RS-485 port. It also contains built in functions to assist with data-logging, IP filtering, backup/restore, security, and positioning.