FR-E 700 Compact High Performance Inverters


The FR-E700 series are compact a.c. inverters with integrated RS485, Modbus RTU and USB interfaces. Plug in option cards are also available to connect to open networks including ProfiBus DP, DeviceNet and CC-Link.


Product Information

Technical specification
Frequency: 50Hz
Power supply: Single-phase 240V and Three Phase 415V
Overload rating: Up to 200% available

• Built in RS485/Modbus RTU interface
• Network options include ProfiBus DP, DeviceNet and CC-Link
• Built in safety stop function, for direct connection to a safety system
• USB port for high speed monitoring
• Built in keypad with display and one-touch digital dial control
• Exceptional motor shaft handling at low speeds
• On board component life monitor
• Sensorless vector control
• Advanced auto-tuning
• Overload capacity increased to 200%
• Current limiting
• 150% torque down to 1Hz

Suitable applications include:
• Space limited applications which still require network connectivity
• Conveyor systems
• Textile and printing machines
• Fans and pumps
• Doors and gates

Using the keypad, via PC using FR-Configurator software (V30010-E) or from the 10 key hand-held parameter unit.