Bedrock OSA® Remote

The Bedrock OSA® Remote includes the full suit of Bedrock OSA® features in the form of an edge device.

Beyond reducing the costs of PLC, RTU and edge control, and increasing their capabilities, OSA® Remote delivers:

  • Universal I/O: Each OSA® Remote channel can be programmed for analog, discrete and digital connectivity, supporting pulse, AI/AO, DI/DO and HART 7 with configurable serial and Ethernet ports that support BSAP, RS-232/485/422, Ethernet IP, ModBusTCP, 61850, DNP3, Profinet, DeviceNet, CAN bus and BACnet.
  • Open connectivity: OSA® Remote provides a secure SCADA uplink for secure OPC UA, and will support MQTT and DDS later this year. Network channels include one universal serial, two universal Ethernet and one CAN bus.
  • Free engineering software: Where most suppliers charge thousands of dollars in license fees for engineering software, Bedrock Automation provides IEC 61131-3 standard software that's free for an unlimited number of users.
  • Computing power: With cyber-secure, multi-core ARM processors, 512 Mbytes of RAM, MRAM for retained variables and a supercapacitor to retain firmware for years without power, OSA® Remote has the computation and communication bandwidth to run edge control and analytical software.
  • Large memory storage: With computing power will come the need for high-density storage. Starting with 8 GB and 32 GB, users have the runway to future-proof applications at the edge. 
  • Small footprint: Besides needing fewer modules thanks to its programmability, OSA® Remote is only 5.5 x 8.9 in. and takes up minimal cabinet space.
  • Intrinsic cyber security: OSA® Remote's intrinsic, automatic, to-the-edge cybersecurity reduces the need for costly, bolt-on firewalls, intrusion detection and devices of limited effectiveness. It also provides Cybershield 3.0 software with anomaly detection.
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