Bedrock OSA®

This multi-award winning platform is the most cyber-secure controller on the market to date.  Capable of supporting all traditional PLC and DCS applications, it is ideal for situations where security is a priority.


  • Bedrock OSA® includes the following features:
    • - An unbreakable Black Fabric® backplane communications architecture providing the highest predicted MTBF in the industry.
    • - The backplane's electromagnetic interconnect eliminates all I/O pins providing increased reliability, higher speed, galvanic isolation, and protection against cyber snooping.
    • - An embedded OPC UA server allowing the Bedrock control system to work with any HMI and/or third party application.
    • - All-metal construction increases reliability, safety, and cyber security.
    • - An all-fiber star network can span up to 20Km providing highest levels of distribution and application flexibility.
    • - For safe and secure operation, the controller utilizes layered and embedded cyber security with secure ARM processor running a RTOS that is built to enable a roadmap for the Bedrock Controller to be certified to the highest safety and cyber security standards.
    • - The power supply is redundant and cyber secure with a secure ARM processor on board.

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