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Welcome to the Industrial Control Revolution

With a blank sheet of paper and few technological constraints, Bedrock Automation has re-imagined every aspect of automation to make it truly Simple, Scalable and SecureTM

Security of Industrial Control Systems controlling critical infrastructure worldwide is under increasing threat of attack from rogue entities. PLC’s and DCS systems have long operational lives, and most were designed in a time before cyber security was the challenge it’s becoming today.  Securing the control over critical infrastructure providing our daily needs of modern life has never been more urgent.

To meet this challenge, Bedrock designed the Open Secure Automation (OSA®) platform. A metal encased, hardened cyber secure controller with rugged universal I/O modules incorporating military grade encryption over a pin-less magnetically coupled backplane. 

Simple    Scalable    Secure
With Bedrock's universal Magnetic Backplane, I/O and Controller you can engineer any automation solution with less then a dozen part numbers. Coupled with the OPC-UA interface to support any compatible SCADA package.   Bedrock's solution offers UNLIMITED scalability from Ten to Tens of Thousands of I/O, Power for systems of any size and software selectable I/O functionality and redundancy.   Black FabricTM Cybershield is Bedrock's embedded deep trust cyber defence using patented processor, memory, communications, inter-connections, backplane and packaging technologies to integrated cyber security into every module at birth and cyber protection of the applications performed by the modules throughout their operational life cycle. 

OSA Remote
Bedrock OSA®
Bedrock OSA® Remote