Bus Couplers
Choose your communications protocol, whatever the preferred PLC brand

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 EK1100 - EtherCAT, your first choise with Beckhoff, fastest, easiest and best price.   BK9100 - Ethernet TCP/IP , also supporting Modbus TCP/IP BK7350 - Modbus RTU serial BK9105 - Ethernet IP, for Allen Bradley controllers BK5250 - DeviceNet, for Allen Bradley controllers BK9053 - ProfiNet RT, for Siemens controllers ethernet. BK3100 - ProfiBus DP/FMS, for Siemens controllers  BK5150 -CanOpen  BK7150 -  CC-Link for Mitsubishi Controllers BK8000 and BK8100 for RS485 and RS232 serial
Bus Terminals - I/O
The broadest I/O selection range you will find, extremly space friendly, and possibly the most cost effective. 

BKH-EL1008 BKH-EL2008 BKH-EL1008
EL1008 EL2008  


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