Bus Couplers
Choose your communications protocol, whatever the preferred PLC brand

EK1100  web BK9100  web BK9105  web BK9105  web BK5250  web BK9105  web BK9105  web BK9105  web BKH-BK7150 BK9105  web
 EK1100 - EtherCAT, your first choise with Beckhoff, fastest, easiest and best price.   BK9100 - Ethernet TCP/IP , also supporting Modbus TCP/IP BK7350 - Modbus RTU serial BK9105 - Ethernet IP, for Allen Bradley controllers BK5250 - DeviceNet, for Allen Bradley controllers BK9053 - ProfiNet RT, for Siemens controllers ethernet. BK3100 - ProfiBus DP/FMS, for Siemens controllers  BK5150 -CanOpen  BK7150 -  CC-Link for Mitsubishi Controllers BK8000 and BK8100 for RS485 and RS232 serial
Bus Terminals - I/O
The broadest I/O selection range you will find, extremly space friendly, and possibly the most cost effective. 

BKH-EL1008 BKH-EL2008 BKH-EL1008
EL1008 EL2008  


Find more information about the complete range at www.beckhoff.com

Beckhoff Servo Motion


In combination with the Motion Control solutions offered by the TwinCAT automation software, Beckhoff Drive Technology represents an advanced and complete drive system for the Australian market. 


   PC Control and Embedded Controllers
Some of the more commonly used Beckhoff PLC and HMI solutions in Australia, when used with TwinCAT PLC and HMI software.

Beckhoff CX8000 lb2014 cp66xx cx faq2
 CX8010 - Entry level controler ready for you to add your I/O. This one has Ethernet and EtherCAT ports, the CX8000 series is available with most other PLC brand preference protocols.    CP6606 - 7" Touch Screen PLC Controller with EtherCAT or just a cost effective Panel PC. Equipped with a fanless ARM Cortex-A8 1Ghz processor, 1GB RAM and a 512MB MicroSD  CX9010 - A little more grunt and available to order with options of modules directly onto the CPU such as serial, DVI, Profibus/net, USB, Compact Flash and more...   

Cabinet and Panel PCs 

Ruggised industrial PCs for the factory floor. Manufactured in Germany for 100% component compatability and reliablity.

C6925-0030  web small CP62xx  web small2 Without keys 10-22082014-076320L
 C6915 - Cabinet PC with Atom Processor, very compact, no moving parts design option and PCI slot. CP6203 - Complete 19" Panel PC - The range also includes various sizes, processors and with membrane keys as options. CP3912 - The best remote Touch Screen Monitor, with pole mount option, as well as CP-Link for long distance transmision of video, kepboard and USB signal.


Find more information about the complete range at www.beckhoff.com 


The worlds fastest, most reliable and cost effective Industrial Ethernet Fieldbus;

Developed by Beckhoff, and gifted to the world.

ESM Australia provides support and advice for the selection of the most suitable EtherCAT technology products available to us to fit your application.

For more detailed information, please visit the ETHERCAT TECHNOLOGY GROUP website: www.ethercat.org