Mitsubsihi MR-J4 Servo Control 



MR-J4 Product Information

MR-J4 family of products leverages cutting edge technology to provide a high functionality, high performance solution with the most flexible amplifier in the Mitsubishi Electric lineup. This family of products has been designed with the user experience, machine performance, and the environment in mind to provide a superior servo motion solution.


Servo Amplifiers MR-J3 (Superseded by MR-J4 as of 2014)

The new MR-J3 generation of servo drives delivers state-of-the-art technology and simple operation in a very compact package.

MR-J3 coverProduct Information

Functions like the advanced vibration suppression system and the further improved real-time autotuning ensure maximum precision, very short positioning times and simple installation. These amplifiers are a full 40% slimmer than those of the MR-J2 Super series.

The MR-J3 series is available in two versions: The MR-J3-A models are suitable for drive systems with conventional control and are designed for regulating speed, torque and position control tasks. The MR-J3-B models are specified for complex, multi-axis movement sequences and for use in networked automation systems.

The units configure themselves by Plug & Play for Mitsubishi Electric's motion control and positioning control systems, to which they are connected via the high-speed optical SSCNET III network, which has a cycle period of just 0.44 milliseconds. The MR-J3 is currently available with outputs from 50W to 7kW. Units with higher outputs are being added to the range at regular intervals.



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