SCADA. Simply Unlimited!  GoldCertified-SCADA

ESM Australia’s team of engineers have years of automation experience as well as an insight into the production process, allowing us to understand a business’s expectations from industrial software, making us the perfect systems integrators for this game-changing product.

What We Can Offer You

A SCADA system that out performs existing SCADA solutions, for your desk or mobile device.

Real-Time Control & Analytics: Easy to control and understand analytics that a tailored to your facility and you way of doing things.
Rapid Development: With years of SCADA & HMI experience ESM creates your interface built for any application.
Unlimited Growth: Using Modular architecture ESM can grow your system with you to match your ongoing needs.


      • One time modular software licensing: Once you have it, you have it.
      • Unlimited Clients: Everyone from your technicians to your CEO can be accessing your SCADA all at the same time.
      • Unlimited Tags: You don't need to be picky about the data your want, Have it all.
      • Unlimited Connections: Connect to any type of PLC or Database .

          • Scalable
          • Accessibility Anywhere: Launch our client or connect your hardware and have instant access to your data.
          • Easy Update: If you need an additional feature or a change in something existing with one click all clients are updated to the same program.
          • Cross Platform: Ending the age old debate of what operating systems better, we use all.

          • If you would like to know how our team of certified integrators can help please contact us here or call 1300 376 288


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