System Q - Modular PLCs

Modular PLCs allow users to mix and select the best combination of CPUs, communication devices, specialist control modules and discreet I/O on a back-plane.
SysQBasic and advanced PLC CPUs, specialist motion and process controllers and even PCs can be combined into a single SystemQ solution with up to four different CPUs. This gives users a choice of control philosophies, programming concepts and programming languages – all from a single platform.


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What can you expect from Mitsubishi Modular PLCs?

  • Global use - A wide range power supply means your Modular System Q will work all over the world and with the huge range of shipping approvals, CE compliance, as well as manufacturing to Automotive industry quality levels, SystemQ is a product to trust.
  • Totally scalable - System Q is designed to grow with your application, from the Q00J standalone solution to the networked and redundant process CPU Q25PRH. System Q's platform concept allows you to add and customize the special functions you need.
  • Multi CPU - The SystemQ Automation Platform allows you to use multiple CPU’s on a single backplane. You can combine up to four CPU types, such as PLC, Motion, PC, Q-C and Process CPU’s, as a single seamless solution.
  • Multi network connectivity - From basic AS-Interface to Ethernet based networks, System Q can communicate easily with Mitsubishi or third party products. To increase the productivity in your plant, System Q can also provide a direct connection to any database based on SQL via an Ethernet connection.
  • Flexibility - The wide range of power supplies, CPU’s, I/O Modules, Special Modules and Communication Modules makes System Q one of the most flexible modular automation systems in the world.
  • Dual redundancy - The redundant Process CPUs Q12/25PRH can, with standard PLC technology, provide a hot standby system with the automatic synchronization of data. The modular concept also allows different degrees of redundancy from power supply and control systems to redundant network modules.


Human Machine Interfaces 

A wide variety of lineup meets the needs of production sites.
The GOT boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric also offers a wide range of operator interface terminals manufactured by Beijer Electronics of Sweden to complement its range of operator interfaces. Beijer products are dedicated to Mitsubishi Electric PLC systems.

GOT 1000


GOT: Graphic Operator Terminals               E Terminals (Beijer)


 FX Compact PLCs It is now over 25 years since Mitsubishi Electric launched the first compact programmable logic controller. Since then Mitsubishi Electric has become the world market leader in this sector, with over 8 million of its compact controller installations to its credit.FX3GECompact controllers have opened up new perspectives in industrial automation due to their compact dimensions and low cost. Many applications for which automation was once not even an option can now benefit from the many advantages of these controllers.The Mitsubishi Electric FX3U PLC series is the third generation from extremely successful family of compact PLCs. The new flagship line once again sets new standards - and not only in the compact controllers class. The FX3U takes compact controllers into another dimension, delivering performance that was formerly the exclusive domain of larger control systems in a compact package.

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FX Family

 FX Series Selection Tool


L Series PLCs

The L Series is Mitsubishi's newest controller line, donning an innovative and easy-to-expand rack-free design. The single-CPU architecture includes built-in Ethernet and Mini-USB interfaces, a SD/SDHC memory card slot for program storage and data logging, and 24 I/O for positioning and high-speed counter functions. The enhanced CPU also includes a CC-Link V2 Master/Local station for connection to the powerful open field network. All other power supply, extension I/O, motion, positioning, high-speed counter, serial communication, and networking module options are added on as necessary.

L seriesRack free modular system.
Accessories include a two-color illuminated display unit for monitoring and troubleshooting, and a bus end-cover with error terminal relay. The compact size, easy expandability, networking capabilities, and multitude of built-in high-powered functions makes the L Series ideal for both stand-alone machines as well as networked stations in larger applications. The L Series is fully supported by iQ Works software suite, which brings all the benefits of MELSOFT Navigator network configuration setup, System Label and structured programming, and dedicated GT16 screens for troubleshooting and maintenance.

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 ALPHA Simple Application Controllers

Fills the gap between traditional relays and timers and a PLC.

The ALPHA programmable controller has been designed to provide flexible supervisory control around your factory, office, home, or anywhere you need it!

The ALPHA has a number of powerful features packed into it's tiny frame - Real time clock, High current switching, relays, analogue inputs, security code clearance,100 hours back up memory - all in a compact, DIN rail or screw type mountable frame.
The function block programming lets you select from a pre-made set of inputs, outputs and function blocks. Anyone can drag, drop, point and click their way to a complete program. Perfect for the beginner programmer, yet powerful enough for the most advanced requirements! On device programming allows fingertip program updates or data entry directly from the front panel.

Alpha controllers are the ideal, cost-effective automation solution for a wide range of applications, including lighting, conveyors, gates, packaging machines and much, much more.

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